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Director Yang Guang was invited to give a lecture on

On September 25th, at the invitation of the Party Branch of the Journal, Director Yang Guang of the Animal Experiment Center of our hospital gave a lecture on "Experimental Animal Welfare and Ethical Review" in the ten meeting room on the third floor of the Water Tower. All the editor teachers of the journal listened to the lecture.

Director Yang Guang introduced the current situation of laboratory animal ethics at home and abroad, focusing on the key issues of laboratory animal ethical review, animal welfare, and development prospects for in-depth explanations. Director Yang Guang pointed out that medical research is an important manifestation of the country’s soft power. Ethical review is an indispensable tool and approach in medical research. The ethical issues of laboratory animals are constantly being raised and solved. Animal ethics is here. The continuous development in the process will surely accompany the research and development of human medicine and biology. Medical journals should pay attention to animal ethical issues. When submitting manuscripts for animal experiment research, the ethical review approval number and animal production license number and their copies should be provided.

Through this lecture, the journal editor teachers further understood the relevant requirements and laws and regulations of laboratory animal welfare and ethical review at home and abroad, improved the ethical awareness of laboratory animals, and deepened the understanding of the importance of laboratory animal ethical review. The journal agency will combine the characteristics of each journal and proceed from its own reality to increase the ethical review of animal experiment research papers. Focusing on the definition of academic misconduct in the "Guide to Academic Standards for Science and Technology in Higher Education Institutions" by the Ministry of Education and related opinions, the Party Branch of the Journal Club regards the prevention of academic misconduct as the key work of risk prevention and control, and implements it through the establishment of systems and procedures. A series of measures have established a more complete prevention and control mechanism against academic misconduct in papers.

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September 28, 2018