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The first editorial board of Precision Clinical Medicine magazine in our hospital

On the morning of September 17, the journal Precision Clinical Medicine (PCM) held its first editorial board in the third meeting room of the administrative building. The magazine's editor-in-chief Li Weimin, Professor Sherman Weissman, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhang Kang from the University of California, San Diego, more than ten members of the editorial board, and Mr. Zeng Yanzhang, senior consultant of Oxford University Press in China, attended the meeting. Vice President Gong Qiyong of our hospital, Professor Zhang Wengeng of the Precision Medicine Center, Director Du Liang of the Journal Office, Director Zou Ling of the State Cooperation Office and other relevant functional departments attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Associate Professor Zhang Hu, assistant editor of PCM. First of all, Dean Li Weimin gave a welcome speech. At the meeting, the editor-in-chief expounded the magazine's philosophy and goals. Xiong Wan, director of the editorial department of PCM, gave a detailed introduction to the purpose and scope of the journal and the conditions for running the journal, compared the status quo of journals of similar disciplines at home and abroad, and analyzed the characteristics and advantages of PCM's publications. Subsequently, Zeng Yanzhang, a consultant of Oxford University Press, introduced the general plan and process of PCM's cooperation with the publication. Finally, the members of the editorial board held active discussions on the construction of the journal, put forward valuable suggestions and opinions, and expressed full confidence in the future development of the journal.

PCM is an English science and technology journal focusing on research hotspots in precision medicine. It aims to report the progress of basic research and clinical applications in the field of precision medicine at home and abroad, with a view to providing new theories and new methods for disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention, prognosis and prediction And new evidence to provide an academic exchange platform for clinicians and researchers at home and abroad to serve the development of medical careers. In 2016, the journal was successfully selected as the “Second Project of the International Influence Enhancement Plan for Chinese Sci-tech Journals (Category D)”. PCM intends to publish in cooperation with Oxford University Press. At present, the project has passed the academic review of Oxford University Press and entered the signing stage. It is expected to be officially published in March next year.

This meeting is the first editorial board held since the magazine was organized, and it is of great significance to the launch of PCM. The meeting made a clear plan for the global development and phased tasks of the magazine, and proposed the vision of making the magazine a leader in the field of precision medicine and leading the development of the discipline.